1. Christ is the head and the real Senior Pastor of Impact Church – Colossians 1:18
    • Everything we are, everything we do, every decision we make, will be Christ-centered, prayer-based, and Spirit-led.
  2. We will always pursue and celebrate “the one”- Matthew 18:12-14
    • We will not cater to the personal preferences of man; instead relentlessly pursue people who are far from God by any means Biblical & Necessary.
  3. Leave a legacy for “the church” – James 1:22We will not be satisfied with people merely hearing and knowing the gospel, but being it and living it as well.
  4. Demonstrate an unapologetic passion for Jesus – Romans 1:16
    • We will strive to make the name of Jesus viral to the entire region we serve; not as a corporation, but as a people..
  5. Practice simplicity in programming - Acts 15:19
    • We will strive to be simple in everything we do in order to remove all distractions that prevent people from seeing Jesus..
  6. Authentic Community - Acts 2:42-47
    • We will not be content with “just having” community groups, but will utilize them to advance the kingdom of God in our community.
  7. One vision team - Philippians 2:2
    • We will be a team of leaders and volunteers who will be unified under the vision that God has given us, and will aggressively protect that unity and vision.
  8. Serious about life change - Revelation 21:5
    • We will be a church that’s about making a difference, not just merely making a point.
  9. The next generation matters - Psalm 78:4
    • Our heart is to equip children with the spiritual tools needed to not just live and exist in their generation, but to change it for the Kingdom of God.
  10. First things First - 1 Timothy 3:5
    • We believe that a minister’s “first ministry” is their home. It is not an option to lead at Impact Church without first being a minister of your home