Impact Church exists for people that have never been to church, grew up sitting in pews, and for those who have done a little of both.


Life Change

We're not just here to go through the motions. Our hope is that we encounter God and never remain the same. Through practical teaching, authentic worship, and loving community we believe God can change our lives, and yours.



We were never meant to live life alone. God has given us a great opportunity to live that out. We are a portable church that has partnered with the local YMCA to host our worship services there each week. This unique experience gives visitors and volunteers the chance to really learn and live together.

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All types of families and ages are welcome at our church. We take pride in our diversity and how God has given us a unique church experience for just about everyone.

Our City. Our Calling.


Hartwell, Georgia is a special place. It's not the lake, awesome weather, or great small town community vibe that makes it that way. It's the people. Hartwell is unique because the people are unique. We believe with all of our heart that God loves Hartwell and has an incredible plan for our city, our home, and our people.


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